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Uncle Surge

Meet Uncle Surge – Australia’s easiest, most convenient and environmentally friendly mobile phone charging service.

Having a mobile that is either flat or locked away somewhere defeats the purpose of having one at all… Uncle Surge allows people to power up whilst retaining the freedom they need to continue creating and capturing memories – no waiting around, no being without your phone, no worries.

Find out how!

Uncle Surge can help you with:

Festivals & Live Events

Festivals & Live Events

Our unique offering is a truly mobile way to keep your crowd connencted, creating content and enjoying the full experience

Brand Activation

What better engagement is there then physically placing your brand in peoples’ hands?! Our site and stock are easily customized to give you great exposure and help get your message out

In Venue

A tailor-made solution for bars, pubs, clubs and other venues is coming soon.

Keep your crowd connected by having Uncle Surge at your next event.